Engraved Black Beauty, LLE

November 5, 2007 at 2:36 am Leave a comment

I love my Black Beauty babies…but I must part with them at some point. I can’t keep them forever; I need retirement money badly. I’ve just sold this 1990’s Ludwig Limited Edition snare. (Or so I thought.)

This 6 1/2 ” X 14″ hand-engraved black beauty is going to the UK…yes, in its case and weighing almost 20 lbs. The shipping might go over the $100 mark with the insurance. Early this week, I shipped a 13 pounder to Germany for $65, and I lost big time for calculating it only at $20 since I was willing to split the cost (but not this much). I guess I have to listen to my wife and consult her before I send any shipping envoices. After all she’s my packing agent. She has shipped 2 internationally: Italy and Canada and 3 here in the USA.

Again, I’m holding on to just one 6 1/2″ X 14″ Black Beauty. It’s a 1928 Super Ludwig. I managed to have six despite my wife’s consternation. I started with a cheaper machine-engraved one, but I fell in love with the aesthetics of the hand-engraved. I am not really a hardcore collector, so I am not way up there.

Unbelivable, I have not even posted this blog yet…now I have a message from ebayAccount Security Notice: eBay Listing(s) Removed. Followed by: Dear______. The results of the following listing(s) have been cancelled due to bidding activity that took place without the account owner’s authorization. Blah, blah, blah! Since the account owner did not initiate these bids, all fees resulting from the listings in question will be credited to your account after 7 days, please feel free to contact us through ?Contact Us? in our help section. Oh, should I say thank you? The notice continues: Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to automatically relist these items for you. Instead, to relist these items you will need to start from the beginning of the listing process, etc. etc. etc! We know that this is an inconvenience and we apologize for the negative impact it may cause you. We are working on tools to allow you to relist your items without starting from the beginning, but they are not available at this time. Ugh! How gratifying to find eBay so concerned. 

Well, not much we can do. That’s how it goes…$1800 here and gone. I guess we just need to bite the bullet. My wife insisted that I print the eBay notice for my record. She added it herself here, as she thought it would somehow help others to know the little annoying things of doing business on eBay. This is just one of the many we encountered along the way between eBay and Paypal…the price of convenience supposedly. Sighhh…the world of connectivity!


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